How To Create Array In JavaScript: A single variable called a JavaScript array is used to store various elements. When we wish to keep a list of elements and retrieve them through a single variable, it is frequently utilised. In JavaScript, an array is a single variable that stores several elements, in contrast to most languages where the array is a reference to the various variables. Instead of declaring separate variables for each item, arrays allow us to store many values of the same data type under the same variable name.

We can declare an array in JavaScript like this

var scripts = new Array();

We can add elements to this array like this

scripts[0] = "PHP";
scripts[1] = "ASP";
scripts[2] = "JavaScript";
scripts[3] = "HTML";

Now our array scrips has 4 elements inside it and we can print or access them by using their index number.

Note that index number starts from 0. To get the third element of the array we have to use the index number 2 .

Here is the way to get the third element of an array.


We also can create an array like this

var no_array = new Array(21, 22, 23, 24, 25);

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