Hello Guys, In this article, I am going to share which CSS Framework is best among Bootstrap Vs Tailwind CSS. I started my styling journey with CSS and it was so great to style things even changing background color. But it was very difficult to write a number or words. Then I learnt Bootstrap which was difficult in starting but after that it become very helpful because everything that I needed was ready. Recently I start working with Tailwind CSS, that is amazing too. Here I am sharing some points that you need to know about bootstrap and Tailwind CSS.

Tailwind CSS vs Bootstrap: whose one has a future?


Bootstrap is a component-based framework. It is based on object-oriented CSS. Bootstrap comes with a set of pre-made components that are used to design a typical website quickly. Bootstrap CSS is an easy-to-learn framework that maintains consistency for different browsers and devices. If you know CSS, then it is pretty easy to learn customization in Bootstrap for website development.

Tailwind CSS

Tailwind is known as Utility-First CSS Framework. The most interesting feature of Tailwind CSS is high customization. You can style each component of your website as the Tailwind UI demands from it. This framework has no ready-made components for designing. You can build your own custom components with the utility classes.

Bootstrap Vs Tailwind CSS

Performance of Bootstrap vs. Tailwind CSS

Bootstrap requires four main files to be incorporated in the project for development which requires heavy space to be occupied about 300 kb. In Tailwind CSS, we need style sheets to get our task done. This CSS file occupies about 30kb of the space.

Build time of Bootstrap vs. Tailwind CSS

In Bootstrap, we have a lot of overhead code, and this causes the build time to be around 160 seconds. As Tailwind has built-in utility libraries, this shortens the build time up to 8 to 10 seconds.

Community of Bootstrap vs. Tailwind CSS

Bootstrap has a larger community compared to tailwind CSS That’s why there is still a lot of room for Tailwind to have a strong community of developers and tools.

Which one to Pick and Why?

So, we can conclude that if you are working as a new backend developer or a “Full-Stack” developer, you should opt for Bootstrap first. Whereas if you are working as front-end developer, then Tailwind CSS is the better option for the custom designs.

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But in the end, it is your choice either you want to go with Bootstrap for responsive design, or you want high customization in style your web with advantages of Tailwind CSS. It depends on project requirements and personal preferences.

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