You can use the window.close() method to close the current tab in a browser window using JavaScript. However, it’s important to note that for security reasons, this method can only be called from a script that is running on the same page as the script that opened the window.

// Close the current tab

Alternatively, you can use the ‘”,’_self’).close()’ to close the current tab.

// Close the current tab'','_self').close();

Also, you can use the ‘“about:blank”,”_self”); window.close();’

// Close the current tab"about:blank", "_self");

Please note that some browsers will not allow you to close a tab using JavaScript, especially when the tab was not opened using JavaScript, so you may need to provide an alternative way for users to close the tab, such as a button that redirects to a different page.

It’s also important to note that it’s not recommended to use this method because this can be considered as a bad user experience, especially if the user is in the middle of a form submission, or the user is in the middle of something important on the page. It’s recommended to use a confirmation dialog to confirm the user before closing the tab.

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