Google Chrome stands as the go-to browser for millions of users worldwide. While most people use Chrome daily for web browsing, its capabilities extend far beyond simple navigation. This webpage explores the power of Chrome through a comprehensive cheat sheet, divided into two main categories: the Navigation Chrome Cheat Sheet and the Development Workflow Cheat Sheet.

Navigation Cheat Sheet For Chrome

Here are some Keyboard Shortcuts for Effortless Browsing

Find Content:

  • For Windows: Control + F
  • For Mac: Command + F

Jump cursor to search bar

  • For Windows: Control + L
  • For Mac: Command + L

Open new tab

  • For Windows: Control + T
  • For Mac: Command + T

Close current tab

  • For Windows: Control + W
  • For Mac: Command + W

Reopen last closed tab

  • For Windows: Control + Shift + T
  • For Mac: Command + Shift + T

Move to next tab

  • For Windows: Control + Tab
  • For Mac: Control + Tab

Move to prior tab

  • For Windows: Control + Shift + Tab
  • For Mac: Control + Shift + Tab

Open link in a new window

  • For Windows: Shift + Click
  • For Mac: Shift + Click

Development Workflow Shortcuts For Chrome


  • For Windows: Control + R
  • For Mac: Command + R

View page source

  • For Windows: Control + U
  • For Mac: Command + Option + U

Open developer tools

  • For Windows: Control + Shift + J
  • For Mac: Command + Option + I

Open a file

  • For Windows: Control + O
  • For Mac: Command + O

With these essential Chrome shortcuts, both for seamless navigation and efficient development workflows, you can make the most of your browsing experience. Whether you’re a casual user or a web developer, integrating these tips into your routine will undoubtedly enhance your efficiency and mastery of Google Chrome. So, bookmark this cheat sheet, and let Chrome become your personalized digital playground!

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